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Apps definition with Excel

Microsoft Excel is the end-user programming tool number 1 for business people. Thus it is obvious to use it as the tool at hand for defining biz apps. Setting-up fields, lists, drowpdowns or defining forms' layout and rules can be done easiely with Excel using the Casebooks. Download the Casebook tutorial.
Quality and Change Management

When uploading the app's Casebook, definitions will be parsed and verified by BIMIXS. The new, respectively the updated casetype will be generated only, when there are no errors. Now you can test and validate the new casetype with your test team in a dedicated network, using the ITIL Change Management App in example.
Rapid Deployment and Versioning

Versioning is done automatically, every time you upload a Casebook. After parsing without errors, the new casetype is made available immediately. Using the ITIL Change Management App mentioned above and after successful validation, you can make available the new Casetype in your users' network instantly.
Case Studies

Read how customers successfully used case management to gain competitive advantage within their industries. All of the case studies presented have been awarded and are delivering proven facts and figures.
Download the Casebooks to customize the
Apps, or use the Apps directly in the cloud.

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